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The Legal Guidance You Need

With over 20 years of legal experience and start-up acumen, Robert McConnell’s unique skill set is ideal for guiding start-ups through the rigorous process of gaining traction. Whether your business is just starting out or needs help growing to the next level, let McConnell Law Firm be your guide.

Robert’s experience includes:

  • Patent litigation, prosecution and licensing experience at top law firms and licensing startups;
  • Startup business management at multiple Silicon Valley technology startups in the publishing and digital advertising space;
  • A passion for starting and scaling new businesses.

A Full Cycle of Experience

In addition to legal experience, specializing in patents and licensing, Robert McConnell also has a particular affinity for building start-ups from the ground up. While some businesses may need to seek out more than one top professional to help them get started, Robert eliminates this need by offering a full suite of consultation and guidance. McConnell Law Firm has also assisted several clients in the cannabis industry in California as the recreational sale of cannabis products continues its explosive growth.


Obtaining a patent is an integral part of protecting intellectual property, but it can be overwhelming to navigate the process. McConnell Law Firm has extensive experience in the full cycle of patent acquisition for companies of all sizes in the semiconductor, electronics, software, internet and cannabis industries. For start-ups in the cannabis space, this service is useful as more new products are launched each day, making for a crowded industry with heavy competition. Filing for a patent protects your idea, and your brand.


Another necessity in protecting your business, trademarks are also a part of the building process that can require a lot of legwork. Trademarks are meant to protect your new and valuable brand — an important element of success, particularly within the complex cannabis space. McConnell Law Firm gives its clients peace of mind by removing the stress from the process.

Intellectual Property

Most start-ups are built on a unique idea or a solution to a problem. Protecting those ideas are paramount to success, which is why having a strategist on your side to implement the patent and/or trademark process is so helpful. Thoughtful and thorough intellectual property protection in a supremely competitive, cutthroat industry will set your business apart.

Ready to get started? Get your road map to start-up success and beat the competition with McConnell Law Firm on your side.